Sunday, September 21, 2014

Monsters in the Orchestra

A bunch of silly monsters playing music for an AMD tech demo at CES 2014. Animated with help from my good friend Hugo Hernandez. There was a bunch more monsters in the final but these are the ones I worked on during summer of 2013 for some fun freelance. Thanks Amir!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Drawing with Slate Tablet

These were drawn at Thursday nights life drawing in Vancouver. Some I worked on after class. 10-20 minute poses. Trying to figure out how to show values and retain the pose without using line is hard for me.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


The Mini-taurs!
A cartoon about grade school children that gain the power to turn into their spirit animals at whim once given the ability by an old witch with a powerful gem. Similar to the magic of Merlin in Sword in the stone - they are humans temporarily in animal bodies, and have to learn how to move properly. They can only turn into animal. The animals are all city familiar, meaning if you saw one it wouldn't mean calling the zoo to find out if a lion is loose or something.
They aren't supposed to use their powers in school, although of course they do sometimes to get revenge on bullies or cheat on tests. But Ms. Wu trains them to use their powers for good, to stop criminals and evil corporations from dumping toxins into the environment and stop big developments etc. And of course they save people from falling in rivers, and getting trapped in old abandoned buildings. Lassie mixed with Captain planet.
Ms. Wu

Old lady hermit witch- lures kids into woods on a treasure hunt. She turns into a great horned owl and each episode start with her spying on bad guys in the night and flying away. Then the theme song starts. She is their 'splinter' who trains them to use their animal forms in the woods.

Boy, 12, Caucasian. Spirit animal is a dog. He can bark, and warn the cops like Lassie, bite the baddies butts, rescue people from rivers. Likes to chase sticks, easily distracted by petting. He's the natural leader but just wants it to be democracy and wants everyone to agree and be happy and save the town.


Girl 11, Asian. Spirit animal of cat. Rarely agrees on the group consensus. Likes doing things solo, her way. Annoyed by lack of abilities of other animals. Sneaks around ninja like, super acrobatic. Claws at crooks to scratch them and distract them. When learning how to be a cat her cat instincts take over and she always lands on her feet. Has the closest calls but many lives. Incredibly daring.  


Boy, 11, Hispanic. Spirit animal Raccoon. He's a bit clumsy but tough and speaks his mind. Always arguing with his younger sister. He seeks adventure but is a bit scared when things get too dangerous.

Girl, 9, Hispanic. Spirit animal squirrel. Younger sister of Raccoon. She is rambunctious and speedy. Doesn't take anything seriously. Over estimates leaping ability and strength often. Gets in trouble all the time. Fearless to a fault.


Boy, 10, African American. Spirit animal mole. Glasses. Nerdy. Super smart. Master planner. Not the most athletic. But can digs under buildings. A lock pick expert, the resident computer and electronic expert. Loves video games. 

 ruff of kids

Friday, February 7, 2014

Digital Painting

I have been trying to learn how to paint digitally for the past couple weeks and had some advice from Andrew Domanchowski, a ridiculous concept artist I work with. Its challenging. I am finding that using the right brush makes a big difference. Edges are hard to convey...I rely on lines still.

Andrew's amazing blog is here;

Here are some of my efforts: 

b&w tone using a photograph as ref

adding soft color tint overlay over tone

same process sans outline

Using b&w photo as ref.

 Self caricature

Cariciature of Ili

edited (and colored) drawing from the talented Bobby Pontillas